BIM Execution

The intent of the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is to define a foundational framework to ensure successful deployment of advanced design technologies on your BIM enabled project. The BEP is about optimizing work and model flow across the project, as contrasted with optimizing siloed interests. The key is good planning of the design-to-engineering-to-construction process to minimize downstream surprises, rework, redundancies or gaps in the flow of (model-based) information.
A BIM Execution Plan is very central to BIM process. A BIM Execution Plan is an integral part of any new construction development project. It becomes more critical while working in a project where international collaboration is essential. It ensures that accurate information is accessible at every touchpoint at every moment

Why you should use BXP in your next construction project?

  • Delivering Project, On-time & Within Budget
  • Rule Book of a Construction Project
  • Clear Structure of Collaboration- Communication
  • Transparency- A Welcome Factor in Construction Projects