Our virtual design and construction services focus on developing BIM-ready 3D models with visualization capabilities to help design firms in clear communication design data. Our VDC services are facilitating project managers through digital twinning. A virtual model is created that is replica of actual structures and project sites to be created. Architects, engineers, and contractors use the digital model to visualize and plan building designs, construction processes, project timelines, and overall budget of the construction project. Our VDC engineers enhance the vision of construction professionals with better collaboration and value engineering. our VDC team has a deep understanding of the owners’ requirements and specifications, we will focus on each detail, delivering your projects on time and within your budget.

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Our team is experienced, lean, and quick and can work on aggressive deliverables and schedules, even shaving off weeks of aggressive coordination schedules

our VDC services included-

  • 3D BIM services (LOD 100 to LOD 500) in Common Data Environment of Revit.
  • 3D visualization and animation for construction sequencing.
  • Clash detection and resolution for meeting off-site construction needs.
  • Meet the offsite and modular construction needs
  • Heat load calculations for optimizing energy consumption.
  • BIM quality analysis and quality control for ensuring the correct decision-making process.
  • Managing, implementing, and training resources for 3D BIM modeling.
  • Strong design collaboration and coordination for reduced rework.
  • Focus on facility management needs
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